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Will you join the mission to help stop myeloma before it starts?

You may be uniquely suited to help find the cure if you're either African American or a first-degree family member of someone with signs of blood-related pre-cancer. We invite you to join!

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THE PROMISE study is the first study to test healthy people who may be at risk for early warning signs of a blood cancer called multiple myeloma.


We will further study people who test positive for these early warning signs of multiple myeloma so that we can learn how to prevent them from developing into cancer. 


This study aims to make multiple myeloma a cancer that is preventable.


Who can join and get screened at no cost?

Group 1- African American Adults age 45-75
Close Family Relatives, age 45-75
2 groups of U.S. adults, age 45-75, qualify for a free screening:
1.  African Americans
2. People of Any Race Who Have a Parent, Sibling, or Child with: 
      Multiple myeloma OR one these related conditions: 
Please sign up for the study if you qualify and invite other family members to join too.
Note: This study is for people who may have higher risks, but have not been diagnosed.  If you have been diagnosed with one of the above conditions,  please visit our PCROWD study, a sister study designed for you.  

Thank you for your interest in this mission.  We encourage anyone to invite people who may qualify for a screening.


How do I join and get screened for free?


1. Sign Up

Step 1: Sign Up Online

You may join online or call 617-582-8544 for in-person registration options.

2. Accept Terms

Step 2: Review and Accept Terms.png

Take a short survey and decide whether to go to the next step. We are fully committed to protecting your privacy. Study data is used only for research.

3. Receive Kit

Step 3: Get kit with vials for screening

Once you have completed the enrollment and are qualified for a free screening, we will send a collection kit to you at no cost. 

4. Schedule


Step 4: Schedule screening- calendar with drop and vial for screening

When the kit arrives, it will contain instructions for how to schedule your free screening at a Quest Diagnostics lab near you, where they will collect a small amount of blood to be tested.  

5. Get Results

Step 5: Receive results of screening

We will check your blood sample for certain proteins that we call "precursor conditions" for  multiple myeloma - a type of blood cancer. 

We will notify all participants of their results.  Everyone who participates is helping researchers  find new ways to prevent and treat blood cancer.