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VIDEO: Blood Cancer Journal Announces The PROMISE Study

Hear from Irene Ghobrial, MD, the PROMISE Study's lead investigator via the Video Journal of Hematological Oncology. At the ASH 2018 conference, Dr. Ghobrial had the opportunity to share exciting possibilities with fellow researchers and specialists. (See the original article published here.)

Dr. Ghobrial shares the news about The PROMISE Study, the first study in the U.S. to screen 50,000 people who may be at higher risk for multiple myeloma. The study is now open and accepting enrollment. Anyone, aged 45-75, with risk factors for myeloma can sign up directly on the PROMISE Study Website.

Qualifying risk factors include African American/ Black ethnicity and/or having a first-degree family member with myeloma or one of its related precursor conditions.

Dr. Ghobrial is excited to be part of this groundbreaking new era where individuals can join research projects online, take part in building up the common good, and share data that is critical to finding new ways to cure cancer.

By joining in this grass roots effort, people at risk can help make blood cancer screening part of our routine medical care. Researchers aim to identify best practices for early detection and treatment, and learn more about prevention in those with the highest risks for multiple myeloma.

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Lori Burton
Lori Burton
Aug 23, 2021

Great readd thanks

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