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"It's absolutely impossible," Rimbaud cut him off sharply. - Not yet possible. Forget about a meeting casinoenligneca.

- Okay, do you have a photo?

The patience of the jeweler was truly brilliant. Rimbaud sighed heavily and angrily scratched the massive back of his head.

“Listen, can you just create an ornament?” Expensive. Money is not the problem, -

Anger began to creep into his voice. “And of course with this damn stone,” he nodded towards the velvet box.

"Well, that's my profession," the jeweler assured softly.

- Here, here, Vovan said that you did such a thing for his Lenka that all the guests disappeared.

Thank you, Timur Borisovich. It's great to hear such high praise from you,

the old man smiled politely and plunged into pleasant memories of his labor successes. - It was an interesting order. We worked hard with Elena Pavlovna, met, discussed, tried on models, and so on for six months. I worked on only sketches then, I remember, for eight weeks, but how are you ... Did you say "urgently"?


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