We're looking for PSAs!

One of the best ways you can help us find a cure for multiple myeloma is to serve as a volunteer PROMISE Study Ambassador (or PSA.) We'd love to partner with you in a mission to stop blood cancer before it starts!

How do I join? It's easy!  Take a 10-Minute Webinar, receive your thank-you gift and digital kit, and choose the PSA level that works for you.

About Ambassadors

Anyone can join and help stop myeloma before it starts. Whether you are a patient, a study participant, a healthcare provider, or a social influencer, we are excited to work with you.

Bronze Ambassadors

Help raise awareness by sharing posts on social media.

We'll provide resources so you can help your network learn about the risks of Multiple Myeloma and how we can all join together for a cure. 

Silver Ambassadors

Appear in person to share PROMISE Study information.

We’ll help you explore ways to engage with your neighborhood about the Promise Study, such sharing information with your religious community, at your local YMCA, or at patient advocacy group meetings.

Gold Ambassadors

Advocate in person and online to recruit participants and advance minority health and wellness. 

Advocate for multiple myeloma screening by recruiting participants, assisting with online consents, and serving as a community advocate. 


We're Asking For Volunteers

who will help change the future for everyone.

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